Poetry for the Curious across the Religious Spectrum
The Hitler Sonata

 his final minutes



Nonetheless, as the hail of shells continued, setting the funeral pyre alight with the matches Goebbels supplied proved difficult.  Guensche was about to try with a grenade, when Linge managed to find some paper to make a torch.  Bormann was finally able to get it burning, and either he or Linge hurled it on to the pyre, immediately retreating to the safety of the doorway.  Someone rapidly closed the bunker door, leaving open only a small crevice, through which a ball of fire was seen to erupt around the petrol-soaked bodies.  Arms briefly raised in a final "Heil Hitler" salute, the tiny funeral party hurriedly departed underground, away from the danger of the exploding shells.


              ))))))))))))) IAN KERSHAW



   ((((( Excerpts of Hitler's Last Political Testament are from the Holocaust Project.






Which is dimly lit over the hunched figures facing stage rear, where Hitler sits, tremulous, in customary military jacket and black trousers, chewing on his knuckles, where Colonel General Robert Ritter von Greim of the Luftwaffe will soon enter stage right, limping into the light, assisted by Hanna Reitsch, 20 years younger.  The latter are both in flight uniform, crisply pressed and immaculate, all but a tear and blood on Greim's one trouser leg, his spit-shined boot spattered with the same leak.  They resemble Aryan yuppies, Greim the current George W. Bush, but taller, perhaps even more contemptuous of his surroundings, the darkening future.  They pause for the Hitler salute and take center stage rear, bathed in a strange white light.



Heil Hitler!!                                      (( GREIM AND REITSCH


Ach ja, doch.                                                                              (( HITLER


      (raising an arm stiffly)


You bring news?


Simply that we enter on a wing and prayer,           (( GREIM

My Leader.

The Fieseler attracted fire on our approach,

And my brave Hanna took control. 

I sustained a very slight wound,

             As you see, my great Leader, gentlemen, ladies.       

Had we only died in the final moments,

There would have been two more loyal comrades in Valhalla.


And how is it above, General Greim?                               (( HITLER


Most odd.  A desolation.  The flash of muzzle,      (( GREIM

Tracer, strange, obscure munitions, Christmas trees over Munich, Dresden.

They bomb the Fatherland into utter ruin.

So many valiant souls will die these hours the Gods must weep

For this last twilight of our kingdom.

We landed on the East-West axis

And commandeered a car for the final passage.

There is thunder in the dark.

The night is wild with aching hell that scorches my very soul

To witness.

Brave men die for our dearest One, der Führer.


And the Russians?                                               (( HITLER

And the Russians, Herr Greim.


Soon above our heads.                                        (( GREIM

You summoned me.  I have had two days in transit

With the petrol just the final approach

On empty.


It was an excitement I had not known,                   (( REITSCH

My Leader.

We risked everything and yet nothing.

The great Gott of Deutschland

Held us in his blessed fingers all the way to Berlin.


Ach ja.  Ist gut.  Attend to your wound,                 (( HITLER

My General.

Fräulein Anna?

Take the good General down the shaft just five doors

On the left,

And enjoy the very best we will offer

As you wait for the Leader.

There is Rotsekt and Leberkäse, good dark bread.    

We will have no strong Mensch hungrig.

Take Sekt and bread.

I will join you shortly.


Heil Hitler!!                                               (( GREIM AND REITSCH


Ach ja, doch.  Heil Hitler.                                     (( HITLER


     (raising his left arm stiffly at their salute; Reitsch clicks her heels and bows; the two exit)


Heil Hitler!!!!                                 (( THE ASSEMBLED


(snapping to attention, raising their arms in dim light)



TWO ((((((((((((( THE INFIRMARY



Colonel General Greim sits back in a canvas chair, his wounded foot swathed and resting on a bench.  As Hitler makes to enter, Greim struggles to his feet but is waved back to sitting by Hitler, who paces the floor.  A blond robust woman in white with a black Hakenkeuz armband busies herself with medicaments and dressings, humming a monotone into the clacking of the Leader's boots on the metal floor.



General Greim, there is little left to attend to         (( HITLER

But an urgency

Which has its will on us.  You have known Hermann Goering?


Ach, ja, my Leader.                                             (( GREIM


And have loved him as well?                                            (( HITLER


Ach ja, my Leader.                                              (( GREIM


You must know that Hermann had my love.          (( HITLER


Ach ja, doch, my Leader.                                     (( GREIM


He built, above all, die Luftwaffe.                         (( HITLER


Ach, ja . . .                                                          (( GREIM


     (broken into by Hitler's sudden manic hiss)


And was LOVED for it!!!!                                   (( HITLER

Unfortunately for his Adolf, for the Fatherland itself,

Which, as we know, is as well der Führer,

Welt without end,

Which is Deutschland, which is Leader, Gott . . .

And . . . as I was saying . . . ACH JA . . .

The PIG has left me down. 

Nein!!  Genug!!

We SHALL speak no more of Goering.

We SHALL speak of Greim.

Who this moment, this great thrashing moment of our tortured soul,

Leaking death and damnation

In the sky, the sea, upon the Rhein,

On Köln, on Mainz, Berlin.

This moment, which is . . . the only remaining moment,

And therefore precious beyond victory itself . . .



Sieg Heil!!!!                                                         (( GREIM


     (struggling to his feet; Hitler embraces him, runs his tremulous hands down the immaculate uniformed shoulders of his general)


AND ANSWERS to no one.  TO NO ONE.                  (( HITLER

IS NOW AND HEREAFTER FIELD-MARSHAL Greim, master of our glorious

Embattled Luftwaffe—

Ach nein, you must not protest the demise of one fat slug,

His arms ridded with injections,

Addled in his brain with Morpheus,

That fatty repulsive reptilian nonentity who dared in his glory to betray

His Leader—

No more!

YOU COMMANDEER FROM THIS GREAT SPASM  onward the entire air force,

Some thousands even growing at this minute,

Toward redemption,

Toward an honorable end OR VICTORY, wrested

From the cankers of the Reich,

And will obey your Adolf alone,


(rubbing his hands up and down Greim's torso)


Till the very end of ALL our glory,

The very eclipse of civilization

This promised Reich, this kingdom, Marshal Greim,

To wield the massed attack,

The instruments of purgation,

In lancing of the Pustule,

All mockery of divine Will and Purpose, dearest Greim,

You LEAD, you follow Gott!!—

Dear Gott which PACES beneath the grinding monster-host some DOZENS

Yards aloft, forgive me, Greim, . . . I weep.


Mein Führer.  Mein Führer!!                                 (( GREIM


(the Leader sinking to his knees and convulsing, reaching up to embrace Greim's hips)


Ach Gott, dear Gott!!                                          (( HITLER


(rubbing and nuzzling his ruined face into the airman's lap)


Ach Gott!!                                                          (( GREIM


Ach Gott in Himmel!!                                                     (( HITLER


(nuzzling, his voice faintly muffled by the fabric; lights flicker, fade; from the distance the strains of martial music, a stretch of TRISTAN)


Ach Gott, ach, Welt without end, amen.


(stands, with hand holds on the airman's garments; regains his composure,  returns a salute; seen from the rear, the nurse is sobbing in silence, perhaps afraid to turn back)






Hanna Reitsch and Robert Ritter von Greim sit at sparkling wine and dark bread.  The nurse has departed as well as the Leader.  The mood, however, is nearly festive.


Ach ja, meine Hanna, the Leader embraced           (( GREIM

Your Robert.


And wept?                                                          (( REITSCH


Wept.                                                                             (( GREIM


Der Adolf, such a gentleman, even at the last.        (( REITSCH

It breaks your heart.


He gave me the phials for an easy end.                   (( GREIM

It is our honor and good fortune to die in the final hour

With our beloved.


Ja.  And then you begged to stay in the bunker.      (( REITSCH


And he relented.  Such a gentle kind soul.               (( GREIM

These rumors of the Jews just that,

Simply twisted fancy.

If death comes to ANY soul in this kingdom, it is just.

The terrible lies they spread.


(lowers his voice)


If anyone ordered such a monstrosity it was Himmler.


Or Bormann.  Martin Bormann.                            (( REITSCH

This meeting gives us strength.

Certainly the Gods are with us in these final moments.

Some miracle will deflect their fancies.

It will come to some good end, I am sure of it, Field-Marshal Greim,

My noble Liebchen.


Ach ja, the fountain of vigor, dear Adolf,              (( GREIM

Prepares us for the very pitch of destiny

And offers extraordinary strength.

Somehow it seems unreal,

Our mighty luck.

The grandest incredible joke.

As if a mantel had been lain across our shoulders,

And we walk forward steady into peace.


Heil Hitler!!!!                                                                   (( REITSCH


(she draws him to her bosom and fondles his graying blond hair, neatly trimmed at the temples)


Heil Gott!!!!                                                                    (( GREIM


(the light briefly flickers, intensifies, flickers with their kiss)






Hitler and Eva Braun stand, hands clasped, before Walter Wagner, a city councilor, and Goebbels and Bormann, just following the wedding ceremony, which Wagner officiated.  There is the rumble of explosions and yet a background of strained libations beyond the door.  Goebbels has pled that they join the wedding party in the corridor.  Hitler leaves off from Eva's hand and wipes his lips with a handkerchief.



Ach ja, they are joyful.  And we the same.              (( HITLER

Shameful that Greim and Hanna could not attend

And yet a victory [VICTORY?] . . .


SIEG HEIL!!!!                                           (( THE OTHERS


That we have seen them off toward greater           (( HITLER


Joseph, my good one, what was it again

From Greim?


"It is the greatest sorrow of our lives                                (( GOEBBELS

That we are not permitted to die with the Führer.

One should kneel at the altar of the Fatherland

And pray."


Ach ja, the man's a poet.                                      (( HITLER

And Eva, this noble Liebchen, is my bride.

Instruct Fräulein Traudl to finish my Testament

As soon as possible


(wincing from a particularly loud explosion)


For all to witness.


Jawohl, mein Leader.  Jawohl,                               (( GOEBBELS

Mein Übermensch!!            


And let those in the outer corridor know              (( HITLER

That the newly wedded Eva

And her Mann need moments of silence together.

We will join them shortly.


Jawohl, my Wunder!!  Ja!  Ja woll!!                        (( GOEBBELS


(clicks his heels and salutes, together with Bormann)


HEIL HITLER!!!!                      (( GOEBBELS AND BORMANN


HEIL HITLER!!!!                                   (( WALTER WAGNER


Ah ja, doch.  Heil Hitler!!                                     (( HITLER


HEIL HITLER!!!!  HEIL MENSCH!!                   (( EVA

HEIL Gott!!!!


(strained, she too salutes; Wagner and the two witnesses exit; she takes again her master's hand; he resists the gesture; they step apart and salute)


My Mann!!!!  MEIN LIEBCHEN!!!!

MEIN WUNDER!!!!    Mein Gott!!!!


Ah ja, doch, dein Gott.  And Eva meine FRAU!!  (( HITLER


(she steps forward to take his hand again; he shudders; again explosions)


We will join them?

For a moment.

We will join them and the children.

And Magda waits in her room?


Doch.  She waits for her Wolfi.                              (( EVA


Here now, kiss my fingers.                                   (( HITLER

Here now, kiss my hand.

But dry?  Your lips are dry?


Wet only with my tears.                                       (( EVA


Ach ja, you weep with JOY!!                                            (( HITLER


AND pain.                                                         (( EVA


For the Fatherland?                                             (( HITLER


Ja doch, for Deutschland and the Leader.              (( EVA

For my MANN!!  For MEIN GOTT!!!!


We weep together.  For pain itself.                       (( HITLER

Pain of the world, WELTSCHMERZ, we weep together.

And for the Reich . . . ja, for the REICH!!!!

But KOMM!!

There are Brot and Sekt.  Heinkel Rotsekt

For my Liebchen.

Rotsekt for my bride in the outer chamber.


(light flickers into momentary black; when it returns it is a strangeness, nearly green; they open the door to greater green and a muted roar of approval)




Ach ja doch, Heil Hitler!!!!                                    (( HITLER


Ach ja doch, Heil HITLER, Christ!!!!         (( EVA






Where Hitler and his architect have maintained a mock-up of the revised kingdom, the final home town of Linz.





Let the parasitic beetles devour my lymph, let guts be strewn,

Let hordes pound all to dust,

It resurrects, ja, with all mystery 

In this same white sepulcher, born, conceived, immaculate as DEUTSCHLAND.

I AM alone.

There is no one in the widest notion of the Jews

Could conjure

What full pus infects their brain,

That all, ja alles, ALLES!!!!

Could otherwise implode than toward these stark white streets,

So alabaster, pure, so radiant,

Here Hakenkreuz, here CHANCEL.

Even NOW I hear our BOOTS, some billions thundering

Down as one—

EINS, ZWEI, . . . that pounding ROAR staccato!

THIS is the genius, THIS is the vision.


(lowering his head to the table, tremulous)


That Adolf has us STRIDE upon the ruins,

Hier, ja HIER to reconvene!!!!

And not a gutless tribe of fops, no senile Goerings!

No Himmler, Ribbentrop, no Goebbels.

The Übermenschen quite REQUITE themselves

In HEIL!!!!

Heill heil HITLER!!!!


ALL mustered Juden bankers that'd sap the very COLUMNS of my temple,

Jew Rockefeller, Churchill,


Blitzed in the RUMBLE of my billions,

Polished jackboots ON the slabs, the very marble SHEEN.

Just where they strike,

A merciless vibration.

Scream WILL alone could muster such bold TRIUMPH!!!!

Scream ADOLF alone

Could PURCHASE this bold scene!!!!

And WHERE erect the semblance?

Where DARE SOME forty cubits north of vacant abscess,

Twisted rot, filth, putrefaction, bile, sores, pustules, LEAKING fury—

There!!!!  THERE!!!!

ERECT the EFFIGY, triumphant likeness; SHRIEKING pales

All Caesars, CANCELS



AND IS the end of being.

AND FINISHES all contention.

AND RAVISHES all that FEARS to yield


JACKBOOTS pound the marble toward FULL end-stop, vast FRUITION.

Raise high my very UTTER SS shriek salute!!!!


There overhead THOSE PERFECT ram jets, wing on wing,

The broadest scent of NITER trailing contrails in an azure heaven.


And GRINDING north by west the endless PANZERS,

Column on mighty COLUMN steel emblazoned GOTT, 90,

NAY, 10,000 bold divisions—


The very SCENT of it,

More final than the VERY cancer granted abscess granted CHRISTS.

NO JEW!!!!





KEIN bacilli invade this, OUR final KINGDOM!!!!

GREAT Gott himself here threads the FINAL NEEDLE.


There in the paradise of utter mercy's thought we rest ABSOLVED

Of all contention.

There are NO more victims.

No death.

It is quiet.

I lift a glass.

Sekt.  Rotsekt.

Such is my body, such my blood,

This ruby wrought wine of life I have provided each and every, infant,

Child, the softest comfort at my side.

They toy with their good Adolf,

Have him laugh.

Tickle his chin, Schnurrbart.

By this decree here writ he promises what's given,

Gives absence, void of pain, gives hope.

Listen.  It is quiet with their sad sad joyous weeping,

They whisper odes, whisper odes to bliss.

NO sorrow.

NO ambition.

No strife.

All gambol in the soft of vernal night.

Wide warm host of gentle giving, purest touch.


(lights flicker; the mock-up of his kingdom trembles from distant explosions)


No child shall shed a tear that tears of want,

Shall weep alone fulfillment.

It is done.

Ach ja, it is finished.


(lights flicker)


Only they had seen the culmination, had known the final thrust, mein Kampf.

Only they had known beatification.

Known that their Adolf never'd wish Mensch harm.

Would surrender to the very pitch of bliss.


Had only it been perfect.

Ach Gott, ach ja, I weep.


(contracts into himself before the mock-up, slams fists against his temples)


And to think they wanted Judas some small silver!

And to think they wanted simply save his Jew.

Amen.  Amen.  Amen.  Where IS AMEN????

Ach ja, AND where is Magda?


(exits, weeping)






Hitler paces back and forth, raising his arm periodically in the Salute, pausing as if to address a throng, as Fraülein Traudl reads from his Last Political Testament.  The Leader appears to mimic the contents, which seem strangely reasonable in tone and yet perhaps even more troubling than the more manic utterances common to all prior and subsequent text.



"Since 1914, when as a volunteer, I made my modest contribution to the World War which was forced upon the Reich, over thirty years have passed.


In these three decades, only love for my people and loyalty to my people have guided me in all my thoughts, actions, and life.  They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions, such as no mortal has yet had to face.  I have exhausted my time, my working energy, and my health in these three decades."


Ja WOHL, Traudl!!!!!!  Skip to the following       (( HITLER



"As late as three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish War, I proposed to the British Ambassador in Berlin a solution for the German-Polish problem. . . . "


Und weiter?                                                             (( HITLER


"It was only rejected because the responsible circles in English politics wanted the war, partly in the expectation of business advantages, partly driven by propaganda promoted by international Jewry.


But I left no doubt about the fact that if the peoples of Europe were again only regarded as so many packages of stock shares by these international money and finance conspirators, then that race, too, which is the truly guilty party in this murderous struggle would also have to be held to account: the Jews!"


Ja!  Ist gut.  Und weiter?                                         (( HITLER


"I further left no doubt that this time we would not permit millions of European children of Aryan descent to die of hunger, nor millions of grown-up men to suffer death, nor hundreds of thousands of women and children to be burned and bombed to death in their cities, without the truly guilty party having to atone for its guilt, even if through more humane means."


Wunderbar!!!!!  Und weiter?                                  (( HITLER


"Furthermore, I do not want to fall into the hands of enemies who for the delectation of the hate-riddled masses require a new spectacle promoted by the Jews.


I have therefore resolved to remain in Berlin and there to choose death of my own will at the very moment when, as I believe, the seat of the Führer and Chancellor can no longer be defended.  I die with a joyful heart in the awareness of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, of our women at home, the achievements of our peasants and workers, and the contribution, unique in history, of our youth, which bears my name.


It goes without saying that I thank them all from the bottom of my heart and that it is also my desire that in spite of everything they should not give up the struggle, but continue fighting wherever they may be . . . against the enemies of the Fatherland.  There will come in one way or another into German history the seed of a brilliant renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thus the realization of a true national community."


Ach ja, genug, genug.  Und Goering?                     (( HITLER     


"Before my death I expel the former Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering and deprive him of all the rights he may enjoy by virtue of the decree of June 29, 1941. . . . "


Ist gut.  Und Himmler?                                            (( HITLER


"Before my death I expel the former Reichsführer-SS and Minister of the Interior Heinrich Himmler from the Party and all offices of state. . . . " 


Ach gut.  Und the Cabinet?                                     (( HITLER


"In order to give the German people a government composed of honorable men, who will fulfill their duty of continuing the war by all available means, I, as the Führer of the nation, nominate the following members of the new Cabinet:


President of the Reich: Doenitz; Chancellor of the Reich: Dr. Goebbels; Party Minister:     Bormann; Foreign Minister: Seyss-Inquart; Minister of the Interior: Gauleiter Giesler; Minister for War: Doenitz; C.-n-C. of the Army: Schoerner; C.-in-C. of the Navy: Doenitz; C.-in-C. of the Air Force: Greim; Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police: Gauleiter Hanke; Economics: Funk; Agriculture: Backe; Justice: Thierack; Culture: Dr. Scheel; Propaganda: Dr. Nauman; Finance: Schwerin-Krossigk; Labor: Dr. Hupfater; Munitions: Saur; Leader of the German Labor Front and Member of the Reich Cabinet: Reichsminister Dr. Ley."


This is as wonderful as I had hoped.  Gut.              (( HITLER 

Ganz gut.      


Thank you ach so much, my Leader.                       (( TRAUDL


And now prepare for the signatures.                        (( HITLER

I will send in Goebbels, Burgdorf, and Krebs.


Und Martin Bormann, mein Herr?                          (( TRAUDL


Und Bormann.  Ja, my Bormann.                            (( HITLER

But add one sentence.


Certainly, my Leader.                                              (( TRAUDL


"Above all I charge the leadership of the nation     (( HITLER

And their followers with the strict

Observance of the racial laws

And with merciless resistance against the universal poisoners

Of all peoples,

International Jewry."


Jawohl, my Leader.  It is just as you say.                (( TRAUDL


And the time was 4 AM.  Gestern?                         (( HITLER

"Given at Berlin, 29 April 1945, 4 AM."


                               (Traudl surges erect and salutes her leader and the document)


SIEG HEIL!!!!                                                         (( TRAUDL  






The scene opens on a sparsely furnished room.  Magda Goebbels sits at the edge of a small cot, knitting in her lap.  She is wringing her hands and moaning softly.  Hitler knocks and then enters stage left.  Magda makes to stand, but the Leader dismisses the formality with a gesture.  He takes a chair and reaches out his hands to Magda.  She takes them and cries, then dabs her tears with a sleeve.



I have come as requested, dear Magda.                   (( HITLER

I have come to say goodbye.


But it is so terrible.  The children.                           (( MAGDA


We must all do what we can.  It is not easy.            (( HITLER

We must do what we can for history

And for the Fatherland.

We must do what we can for the Reich.

God will have His reward.

If He cannot save us He can bless our final minutes.


Wolfi, I am afraid.                                               (( MAGDA


We are ALL afraid.                                                 (( HITLER


But the children.                                                   (( MAGDA


I am certain they are blessed, even in Tod.              (( HITLER


Dear dear Adolf.  We could fly south.                     (( MAGDA


You must think of history.                                       (( HITLER

Do as you will, but the Führer cannot leave his post.

He will die shortly and with dignity.

History, Magda.  We must think of history.

We must think on the IDEA.


Wolfi, dear Wolfi.  There is so little time.               (( MAGDA


Then opt for death.  It is the greater blessing.          (( HITLER


Sechs Kinder tot?  It is no blessing.                         (( MAGDA


Six children for the Fatherland.                               (( HITLER

Millions are dead, my Magda.

Millions on our soul.

I am certain God will forgive us just six more.


Und Eva?                                                                   (( MAGDA


Eva will sleep.  She will sleep with her husband.     (( HITLER

She will sleep.  There is no awakening.


And the children?  And Joseph?                                (( MAGDA


We are not our brothers' keeper.                               (( HITLER

There is only one Volk, one Reich.

If the Reich must die, then Adolf dies within it.

The Russians in less than an hour above our heads.

Here in your room.

In hours here in your Zimmer.

You would not have THEM claim your Kinder.

You would not have THEM claim your flesh.


Terrible.  Most terrible.                                            (( MAGDA


I must go now, my Magda.  I have my duty.           (( HITLER


And what IS your duty now?                                   (( MAGDA


A simple sleep.  It waits in the Führer's chamber. (( HITLER


Auf Wiedersehen, my Wolfi.                                 (( MAGDA

Auf Wiedersehen, mein Gott.


(she stands; they embrace; he kisses her forehead)


There is no Gott but Deutschland.                          (( HITLER

Your Adolf was simply its voice.

Look to your Joseph.  Look to your Mann.

In the final hours he is the voice.

Auf Wiedersehen, kleine Süsse.  Goodbye forever.


(she stands back and raises her arm)


Heil Hitler.                                                              (( MAGDA


Ach ja doch.  Heil HITLER.  Ach ja,                     (( HITLER

WELT without end.

But the end has come.  There is a beginning.

There is ALWAYS an end.  Mensch never knows the latter.

It comes as a thief, a thief in the terrible night.

If you wish to weep, then weep for the IDEA.

We have finished off the JEWS.

Pray if you must for Hitler.

There are millions just now pressing on his soul.

Nay ten, twenty, forty.

Forty millions pressing on his soul.


Wolfi!  Mein Judenfresser!                                    (( MAGDA


Ach ja, pressing on his soul.                                   (( HITLER


(he makes a military about face and pauses at the door)


Schlaf gut, mein Liebchen.  Schlaf.

It is ALL sleep.  Since 1936, merely a dream.

Good night!

May we never

Dream again!


(he exits stiffly; she falls to the bed in darkness)



EIGHT ((((((((((((( HITLER'S STUDY



The scene opens on a simply furnished room, dimly lit.  To the rear is a dark floral patterned sofa, a coffee table, on the table a Walther 7.65 mm pistol.  Eva Braun, dressed in white trimmed blue, and Hitler, in his customary uniform jacket and black trousers, enter, stage right, and take the sofa.  They sit somewhat apart in prolonged silence, only the sound of Hitler's breathing, exaggerated, uneven.  Eva moves closer and leans against her master's shoulder.



Shall we do it once again?  Here at the last?          (( EVA


As you wish.  I am sick at heart.                            (( HITLER


There will never be another.                                   (( EVA


Ja.  I am sick at heart.                                             (( HITLER


The same?  Exactly the same.                                 (( EVA


Ja.  As you wish.                                                      (( HITLER


(she slides her hand into  Hitler's trousers)


He is so small this night.  So small and weak.         (( EVA


But Eva makes him strong.                                      (( HITLER


(there is the slightest motion of her hand in his trousers; Hitler arches back toward the ceiling)


Before the fire.                                                    (( EVA


Eva, Liebchen, we are IN the fire.                           (( HITLER


I shall begin. . . . . .                                                (( EVA


But slowly.  In a quiet quiet voice.                           (( HITLER


 (she massages his groin, begins a peculiar chant)


Oh dear dear man, you are the master.                    (( EVA

Dear man, you are my God.


Ach, Gott.                                                                 (( HITLER


You are Yesus [sic].  You are the Son.                    (( EVA

You are der Führer.  You are my Gott.


Eva, Eva, mein Liebchen.  Mein Schatz.                 (( HITLER


I kneel to the God of Deutschland.                          (( EVA


(her voice rises in pitch, soft, slightly shrill)


I kneel to the God of Christ.

I touch my hand to the Father.

I touch my hand to the Christ.

You are the LEADER, world without end.

You are my FÜHRER, world without end, AMEN.

You are mein Gott.

You are my Christ.

You are the fountain of love.

You are the fountain of strength.

You are the well of joy.

You are the well of Gott.

You are my Christ, mein Gott.

You are the treasure, Schatz.

I kneel at the fountain of Deutschland.

I kneel at the well of Christ.

There is no one greater than Adolf.

There is only one greater than Christ.

You are Adolf,  fountain of Christ.

You are Adolf, fountain of Gott.

YOU are the fountain, ADOLF.

YOU are the fountain, greater than even CHRIST.


Ach Gott, dear Gott.                                           (( HITLER


(his voice wheezes from his throat)


You are the whole of Creation.                             (( EVA

You are the whole of Gott.

There is no Gott but Deutschland.

There is no Gott but Christ.

You are Deutschland, Adolf, Christ.

You are beginning.

You are end.

You are beginning and end.

I encircle the beginning and end.

I stroke the beginning and end.

Adolf is ALPHA, OMEGA.

Adolf is beginning and end.

Hitler is cosmos unending.

Hitler is Reich unending.

Hitler is Gott, ist Christ.

Christos is Gott, is Führer.

Christos is Adolf, Christ.

Russia believes in Hitler.

Russia believes in Christ.

Stalin kneels for a blessing.

Truman kneels for a blessing.

One pearl from the fountainhead.

A pearl from the fountainhead.

Blessing above blessing the pearl

From the fountainhead—

All Semites contract in its face.

All Semites contract at its purity.

All Christians eat of the Christ.

Adolf is greater than Herod.

Adolf is greater than Christ.

Adolf is greater than Pilate.

Adolf is greater than Christ.

Adolf is greatness itself.

Adolf is power itself.

I kneel at the power of Hitler.

I encircle the fountain of Christ.

I pray to the fountain of Hitler.

I pray to the fountain of Christ.


Ach Gott, ach Gott.                                             (( HITLER


All wisdom from the fountain of Christ.                (( EVA

All wisdom from the fountain of Gott.

All wisdom from the fountain of mercy.

All wisdom from the fountain of Christ.

He will pulse in my trembling fist.

He will pulse in my trembling hand.

Can I kiss would I kiss the pearl.

Can I kiss would I kiss the Christ.

I am Eva, the Magdalene's soul.

I am Eva, the soul of her Christ.

I fondle the fountain of Leader.

I fondle the fountain of Christ.

Ach Gott, dear Führer.

Ach Gott, dear Führer Christ.

Our Hitler who art in Berlin,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

In the Reich as it is in Heaven.

Give me this day my daily bread.

And forgive me my trespasses

As I forgive the trespasses against me.

And lead me not into temptation,

But restoreth my soul.

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow

Of Death

I will fear no evil,

For Hitler is with me.

For Adolf is with me.

He anointeth my soul with semen.

My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

All the days of my life,

And I shall dwell in the Reich forever.


It comes.  It comes now, Liebchen.                       (( HITLER

Ach Gott, it comes.


Ach ja, I taste.                                                                  (( EVA


(knuckles to her mouth)


Ach Gott, it has come.                                                     (( HITLER


(she leans back against his shoulder; he reaches into his jacket for the capsule)


And I rest now, Schatz, in peace.                           (( EVA


It will take but a second.                                       (( HITLER

They say there is no pain.


(she takes the capsule to her mouth; he kisses her forehead)


Sleep, my Eva.  I am sure there is no awakening.


(biting into the capsule she jerks back against the couch and expires)


Sleep, my Liebchen, sleep.


     (he sits quiet for a moment, then lifts the Walther from the table, raises it to his head)






Eva ist tot.  Terrible in any language,

Most fearsome in the speech

Of the Fatherland.

T. O. T.  Dead.

Even the sound is such, ja, there against my shoulder,

Quiet, most quiet.

After the final spasm

[My mind races]

When the JEWISH races invaded her delicate body.

Now the scent of bitter almonds from each pore.

Her flesh still warm, I taste her tears.

The bacilli have triumphed.

No, not yet, not quite yet.  The Führer still remains,

The very wrack of him,

Fist to his temple clutching the Walther,

With the last of the codified means

Of the Reich's destruction.

And the Juden, ja, the Jews, infect his brain.

Six million in the capsule alone,

Six million as she bit,

Ten million, na, say twenty coursing through my veins,

Perhaps a BILLION,

Each parasite, each vermin clawing its awful passage

Into the caverns of ultimate mind,

For here on a rudimentary sofa

I bring about the lancing of the suppuration,

Here at the apex of the pustule

They have wrought of Deutschland.

All now awaits the instrument of final purgation,

The scalpel.

My hand can barely still itself enough to find my temple,

And HERE IS the temple of the Reich—

May it come, may it come again.

And last ten thousand years.

THIS is the message.

THIS is the Beispiel.

Their Leader at his post as the last of the Slavic host,

The Untermenschen slither toward our bunker.

"May God let Wenck come,"

My Goebbels' horrible cry.

Ja, certain I will expire,

As certain with the petrol, the last trace of messiah up in fire,

With Eva, Eva, my newly wedded Liebchen—

That even the precious Wagner

Would fail at this valiant scene.

I steady my arm against her bosom.

Not yet, dear Gott, hold back.

The time will COME when Adolf engages,

Time when Hitler lances boil.

Everything, ja, Alles,

Even, and above all, the infection, works now

Toward the Führer.

Gathered from the furthest reaches of the traitor Russia,

Jew Bolsheviks all,

The bowels of Poland, Hungary, Romania,

Ja, even west to Paris, Belgium,

North to the Finns, south to dead Rommel's desert,

All, all,

Imploding toward Berlin,

And the Allies pushed on past Remagen,

North from the dead Mussolini,

That push, that Putsch,

That terrible Gemisch

Of Jew baiting mongrels with their fiendish Patton,

All the fever of the conflagration

To be visited upon our Heimat,

On Dresden, Hanau, Duisberg, Kőln, Berlin.

All, ALL a stinking canker,

Sulfurous pit.

EXUDES, ja, the frightening, poisonous gasses

That consume, envelop, purge

The purity of our sacred kingdom.

Mein Gott, mein Gott, hast thou forsaken ME?




The fist has it secure, the wellspring

Of my cleansing.

And hadn't the English propagandist

Called meinen Opa Jud?

And could that explain the pustule, the yellow JEW boil

That swells my inner brain?

They'll say I was verrückt—that awful word—insane.

Old Adolf's chewing on the carpet.

Had Frankel Rosen simply kept his dirty fingers

Out of Europe!

And now HE's gone.

Only the capitalist Jew that had him jerking on his strings

Remains to laugh, LAUGH!  At my demise. 

Roosevelt tot.

The wonder weapons not enough to kill him.

Likely the Juden bacilli.

All to be laid at the foot of Jodl, Keitel, and now, at last,

That awful traitor, swine,

That Jewish baiter, Himmler.

One division Waffen SS and we'd hold this bunker half a


Let alone lacking even the petrol

Near at hand for Eva's funeral pyre.


I'd shipped out millions to starve on the tundra.

Even then the rumors fly, of Dachau, Treblinka, Auschwitz,


Ach Gott, they did their best.

Imagine for an hour all the desperate provisions

Down the gullet of a worthless Jew!

Was there nothing else at Yalta?

He'll live to choke on it, that evil fat swine, Churchill

And his piggish stubbed cigars,

When the Leader knows for certain there lies cancer.

The Slavic plague will rape those Anglo-Saxons.

Had I only sacked the traitors,

The utter General Staff,

That swaggering fatty of a Goering,

The Ribbentrop, the Heydrich.

Out there, way out there, out there on distant stars THEY

Know I'm perfect.

Out there they know the Volk

Have let me down.

Gather another race for THE IDEA, we'll cleanse

The planets!

This puny little




Let Juda thrive!

Even now it courses through my brain

And only lead

Can leak it out.

Eva, my Eva, Liebchen, speak to me.

And where is my prime Alsatian, Blondi?

Bitter almond like the rest—they'll make it out

I killed her just for spite. 


For the sake merely of hygiene I'd have them suck a Luger.

Annihilate this petty little kingdom, have it cleansed.

Let them bomb us into rubble.

May cripples rule the Earth!

May haberdashers reign!

Verrücktheit, all this calling me INSANE!





Bestial laughter from the pit,

I'll turn them into lampshades.

The dizzy speed with which words tumble

From the void.

It is ALL void.


The child that smiles at you from a simple photograph—

Be sure that 50 millions press upon his soul.

That little Christ,

That aching,

Imploding into self beneath the Chancellery.

See the stigmata on my hands?

These artist's hands.

The imbeciles that scorned my applications in Vienna

All, all rot and putrefaction.

And what CAN you make of the Sistine Chapel?

I've carved an aching David from the oils of flesh.

Regard the masterpiece!

It rages some odd

Forty yards above our heads.

That little little man!!

I have wielded millions on the cusp of Stalingrad,

Wrenched out forever barons that had eaten

At the Reich.

Wrought into being sublime chaos and misfortune,

A Panzer war whose like they'll never see again.

Witness I am Hiedler.

Witness I am SON.

Dear Gott, they ache to lay their dirty hands

On this man's genitals,

To drag him to the sun for flies to dine—

They'll never watch ME rot.

The petrol will deflect their twisted fancies.

This very day

Ten millions writhe in torment from my being.

Führer!  FÜHRER!

This Mensch, this Gott,

Sold postcards in the street to flesh his simple bones

Just months after the betrayal.

There was only ONE 1918.

There is only THIS your 1945!

I am complete unto myself, feeding on rankest vile consumption.

I am fetus.  I am aborted God.

There are some 20 million Christs,

Pale wan Jew boy sacrifice,

And ONE, just ONE, simply ONE called Hitler.

I weep no tears for Deutschland.

There is only ONE IDEA.

Look on IDEA,

You distant galaxies, one Hitler.

And tomorrow must by the nature of my presence

Writhe in eternal defeat.

Ach Wagner,

Return to pen the pageant equal to this twilight

Of a Gott.

20 billion Semite bankers would cough up all

Their ill got fortunes

For the very lead that burns my brain to leak out Aryan blood

On a simple sofa.

One small hole is drilled

Into the master's crown

And Juda cries in unison HOSANNA!

A tug, just a tug of this trembling finger looms the Void.

Pilgrims, you will never feel my relics.

I vacate a universe.

My demise startles even the Milky Way.

I am Gott.

Little thin Christ is quite forgotten.

Look here, you galaxies, HITLER dies upon HIS cross!


(there is the brief report of  the Walther as he pulls the trigger and slumps against his bride; light recedes to dark, utter dark that shrouds the final events)




Strange, most strange, I live!

Here, hovered above the two cadavers,

And time is frozen.

To my rear a bright white light.

Beneath, they shroud us into blankets.

Through the door, the rooms, the corridor, into the muted sun. 

The distant explosions.

Yes, they soak us in petrol.

At last the pyre alight.  I burn with my Eva.

But where is she, her soul?

MINE is here, above them, quite intact.

If only the light would cease!

No, burns, brighter, brighter, would consume me.

Flee down the darkest


Spiral tunnel,

Sucked by the darkest,



Black flames lick my brow, my feet.

Again the light, that awful terror light.

Again the tunnel, whirled in my quick descent.

From dark to light,

White light,

To tunnel dark,

And wind,

And then, just there,

And dark and wind

And there

It ends.

I am the segment of a tapeworm crawling through the anus

Of a balding hyena,

And dry to seed, to be swallowed by a flea,

By hyena,

Dissolved to tapeworm, to segment, to seed, to flea,

To hyena,


                      {VOICE: each passage endless, timeless, inexorable, forever, der Führer,

                                                             forever, forever . . . . . }


Dissolved to tapeworm, to segment, to seed, to flea,

To hyena,

Dissolved to tapeworm, to segment, to seed, to flea,

To hyena,

Dissolved to tapeworm, to segment, to seed, to flea,

To hyena,

Dissolved to tapeworm, to segment, to seed, to flea,

To balding hyena,


To tapeworm,

To segment,

To seed  . . . 

To . . .

Gott, dear Gott  . . .


     {VOICE: world without end, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}